Fire Proof  Intumescent Painting - Lancashire and Yorkshire

CSL Coatings UK LTD are specialist contractors who are highly experienced in Intumescent painting, providing fire proof painting services.

Decorative, thin film intumescent painting coatings for the fire protection of internal and external steelwork & cast iron for up to 60 to 120 minutes and woodwork to Class 0 & Class 1 Spread of Flame. Our intumescent painting construction industry team work directly on columns & beams onsite after the steelwork is erected and fixed into position.

Intumescent painting coatings expand by about 50 times their original thickness when subjected to fire, forming a thick, insulating ‘char’ layer. When applied to structural steelwork, this ‘char’ layer insulates the steelwork from the fire, and slows down the rate of heating of the steelwork.

When heated to a critical temperature, structural steelwork will lose its load bearing capability and buckle or collapse. When a building is on fire, what is needed is TIME to evacuate the building and try to bring the fire under control. Intumescent coatings are a common way of providing this time, by delaying the time taken for the steelwork to reach this critical temperature.  More Details


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Wet Sandblasting Lancashire


All aspects of our sandblasting process are totally environmentally friendly, making wet blasting an attractive alternative to many surface treatments.

The use of water improves the operator environment by eliminating any dust or the need for large and expensive filtration systems. No chemicals are required and the waste routes are easy to manage with there inert materials used in the media and separation systems supplied to reduce the amount of waste from the process.


CSL COATINGS, Industrial Steel work and Cladding painting is a specialty of ours and we are the market leaders in this area with a very long, proven track record of large successful painting contracts.

We expertly and carefully treat any steel work, cladding, roof rust, correctly prepare the cladding and then apply the protective paint coating to the steel work & cladding.



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